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President's Message

This court has many achievements to be proud of, but a lot to be achieved. It has an enviable reputation for integrity and excellence in the quality of its judgments. The performance of past and present judges of the court has helped to garner the respect that the court richly deserves.

We have in January of 2021, for the first time, achieved the full cadre of 13 judges (although one is acting), including the President. The legislation, which allowed for the increase in the number of judges from seven to 13, was passed into law 12 years ago, but logistic issues prevented its fulfilment. This year’s achievement fulfils the dream of previous presidents who worked very hard to bring it to fruition.

The increase in the number of judges brings with it the expectation of an improvement in the efficiency of the court, particularly in the time within which appeals are heard and the time between the hearing of the appeals and the delivery of judgments. It is an eminently reasonable expectation and the judges of the court will continue to make every effort to satisfy it.

The judges and all members of staff of the court recognize their duty to the public, as part of the justice system of this country, to deliver justice in a courteous and timely manner. We hope that this website, as one of the facets of the court, will assist its users, legal professionals and laypersons, to benefit from the effort that the court makes, and will continue to make, in fulfilling its duty.

If we fall short, please let us know. 


Patrick Brooks, OJ, CD