Jamaica is a country that is governed by the Rule of Law. Our citizens are very conscious of that fact and keep our courts very busy in an effort to vindicate their rights. Our judges are very conscious of their role and responsibility and do all within their power to deliver justice to those who invoke the intervention of the courts.

The Court of Appeal came into being at the time of independence. The judges of this court exercise great care in reviewing the decisions of the lower courts and tribunals, against which complaints are made. We give reasons for all of our decisions, and invite the public at large to inform themselves of these reasons by accessing them on the website of the court. An informed public helps in the building of a strong nation. 



The public is hereby advised of the availability of access to the virtual hearings of matters set for open court at the Court of Appeal. Persons interested in observing matters being heard in open court are asked to consult the court lists which are published on this website and to send an email to [email protected] indicating the matter(s) they wish to obeserve. The registry will by email provide the relevant Zoom access information. Please consult Practice Direction No 1 of 2021 (see link below) for the Zoom hearing protocols.  Please note that the audio or video recording of the court's proceedings is strictly prohibited. Any person who breaches this restriction will be subject to proceedings for contempt of court.


Practice Directions and Notes

Practice Direction No 1 of 2021 Emergency Directions Covid 19

Practice Note No 1/2021 - Guidance note in respect of disobedience of timelines for filing of submissions in civil appeals

Practice Note No 2/2021 






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